Break into a safe

Safes are one of the best ways to keep important valuables away from out of curious hands. But what happens if you're unable to find your safe key or if you can't remember your combination? Professional safe and lock companies can accomplish safe opening without destroying the precious valuables inside or the safe.


You may believe that all safes are potentially vulnerable to forced entries, and this is true. The reality is that locks and safes aren't meant to keep out honest people, they're in place to keep thieves out. That said, choosing a higher quality safe with a locking mechanism that is complicated will at least minimize the possibility of intrusion.

Break into a safe

That doesn't mean you have to spend a huge amount of money or that a high quality safe is always secure. The quality of the safe doesn't tell how easily it can be opened by safe-cracking. What it does tell you is how long it's going to take to open the safe. It can take a homeowner or thief several hours of hard labor with a crowbar and hammer to break into a safe. It's not much easier for a pro, it can still take upwards of 45 minutes for the best of them to crack a safe depending on the model.


Many standard safes have great locks, but can be heavily damaged and eventually opened by cutting, piercing and heating. High security safes, are to a great extent, protected from forced entries which can also restrict access to the rightful owner. With the services of a professional lock and safe company, owners are able to gain entry to their safe in a relatively short period of time, with as little damage as possible.


The biggest problem most homeowners experience is when they cannot access the safe when the contents are needed quickly. Highly trained and experienced locksmiths are often able to communicate directly with the safe manufacturer to gain access. In most cases, they are able to bypass security measures that would thwart a thief or inexperienced homeowner.


If you've lost the key or combination to your safe, it's advisable to contact a safe expert to help you gain entry. Not only will they be able to get inside faster and with less damage, but it will minimize your stress and frustration at the same time.


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