Parents: stop explaining and show!

Like many parents, you are probably in a hurry and torn between all your obligations. You want the best for your child. That's why you spend long minutes explaining in detail different concepts.

Your children are, of course, enrolled in different courses to learn a sport, a new language or an artistic discipline. Thus, they miss no opportunity to learn. But here comes this dismissing speech of this psychologist. According to her, children have more need to play, observe and explore than to follow a multitude of courses. Nothing is more valuable than real experience, not even the best explanations in the world!

It would be in the small details of everyday life that children learn. It would not be in conscious and organized activities. According to this author, today's parents are mostly young adults who have extensive school-based experience and approach parenting in a spirit of performance and productivity.

Full of good intentions, they submit their babies to multiple stimulations and spend long minutes explaining to them everything they need to learn. Yet that would not be the right way. This psychologist specializing in the development of children's brains argues that children learn by observing adults who evolve around them. In Brain & Psycho It is reported that, thanks to what Alison Gopnik calls the faculties of intelligent imitation, children understand and decode the intentions of the adult and even the functioning of objects.

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